When I was designing Fionnula, I had specific preconceived clothes in mind for her. However when she saw what I had planned she was very insistent that those were NOT her colours! Fionnula most definitely has specific tastes and knows what she likes! So down I dug into my fabric, and found this beautiful Nani Iro watercolour floral print. She liked it immediately, and set about telling me how she would like it made. When her beautiful dress was finished she informed me she was cold, so down I dug once again into my cellar of fabric, and she was content with the yellow velveteen. And how cashing does she look, she was right!

Fionnula was also insistent during her photo shoot! She asked for a tea party! I didn’t know this before, but she LOVES tea parties! Her gift is service, she loves to have people over and serve them hot delicious tea and handmade delectables. She is quite a story teller, regaling her companions with news and learnings. Fionnula loves fairy tales and poetry, lying on the grass looking up at the clouds and imagining herself in some ancient Irish stories and folklore.

Fionnula is a 20″ soft doll handcrafted in the waldorf tradition. She is made with european tricot cotton knit, stuffed with pure clean sheep wool, double stitched in body and limbs, and has hand sewn attachments. Her hair has been crocheted and is made of almost 7 ounces of handspun Teeswater locks. Her features are hand embroidered from french thread. Her body is softly but firmly stuffed, giving her a slightly squishy and cuddly feel! Her wool stuffing brings warmth with touch, like she is giving a hug in return!


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