Beatrice, Silvia, Miranda, and Rosalind, Wild Ginger Blossoms

Introducing four new bright and cheerful Wild Ginger Blossoms.  This is Beatrice, the beautiful and smart blonde with her baby in her sling! She is wearing a romper and has a crochet alpaca cowl and wool flower hair band.  This is Silva, the redhead with the green eyes and fox eared wool cape, carrying her little friend Valentine in her crochet satchel.This cheerful one is named Miranda. She has chestnut hair and has a soft bunny eared hat, and wool satchel.And last but not least is the brunette of the bunch, Rosalind, who is wearing a bear eared green bonnet, and crochet blue and orange cowl.   Please visit my Big Cartel Shop if you would like to make any of them a home!

Instagram Giveaway

In case you haven’t been on Instagram lately, or didn’t see my Facebook notice, I am letting you all know here too!! I have teamed up with 7 other BC shops to provide a very large and adorable giveaway on Instagram right now! $450 dollars worth of wonderful handmade items for your little girl! Its ends on April 20th, draw is on April 21st, so have a look soon to enter! This doll is named after Perdita, the Shakespearean character who loved flowers. She is an 18″ Foxy Wild Ginger Blossom. She has felted wool flower hair clips, a crochet wool cape, woollen boots and a cotton dress. And lets not forget her cashmere ears and tail!! The Jar Girl has given this lovely Little Bear drinking jar and Bento jar set in hot pink! Moi.&.Co is giving away this beautiful silicone floral necklace. Rocks & Roots Apparel is giving away these handmade leather slippers. Honey Bee Handmade has provided this size 3/4 girls cotton floral dress!Blink Kids is giving this adorable purple and teal skirt, as well as elastic hair bands to match.OMDL Coastal is giving away this screen printed ‘Native Flowers of BC’ shirt.And The Cake Creative is giving away a dozen of these candy dipped shortbread cookies! SO delicious!! So that is our prizes, given away to ONE lucky winner!

Ophelia, Violenta, and Hermione, Wild Ginger Blossoms

Introducing my NEW Wild Ginger Blossoms! This first set are all foxy gals, complete with repurposed ears and tail. My daughter and I decided they need to be named after female Shakespearean characters, hence their lovely names! You will be seeing many more of these rag dolls. All will be made from natural materials like my waldorf dolls, since using natural earth friendly fibres is a passion and a mission in my life. So all Blossoms are to be made of linen/cotton blend, stuffed with locally sourced Canadian wool, and natural wool blend yarn hair and cotton dresses. I am endeavouring to make each one unique, so your little ones will enjoy picking out their favourites. I also plan on making second outfits available, as well as simple patterns for you to download and make your own clothes! But I am getting ahead of myself, FIRST, the dolls!

These three are available in my Big Cartel shop. Have a look and keep watching for regular uploads. The best place to be informed of upcoming releases is through Instagram.

Enola, A West Coast Girl

 The name Enola means ‘solitary’, and I think this suits her to a T. This little one has such a thoughtful face. She seems strong and quiet, and very independent. Like one who likes to ponder things deeply as she strolls around nature, hands in her pockets, immersing herself in the natural world around her while thinking of meanings and connections. I believe outdoors is where her heart is, and so I designed her dress with west coast colours in mind – the tidal teal that reminds me of underwater photos of waving kelp forests backlit by sunlight, in a sea of vibrant blue-green.   This is what Enola’s surroundings look like here on Vancouver Island. Rocky outcroppings jutting into a cold and wild ocean teeming with seaweed and life, the land covered in majestic cedar and douglas fir. This is a place where one can find complete seclusion, to be dwarfed by giant trees and the sheer diversity and majesty of God’s creation.This outfit is made from my favourite Nani Iro gauze, with abalone buttons, linen pantaloons, alpaca blend mary janes, and an exceptionally soft malabrigo knitted cowl. This yarn is my absolute favourite: very soft and pliable, with a very deep and vibrant colour to it.

And because she makes the Cowichan Valley around my home her own, and because Enola loves to walk and explore, it seemed she needed a second outfit, this one more functional and indicative of her passions. So I made her linen hiking pants with ‘cargo’ pockets, a simple white shirt, wool hiking boots complete with laces, and a sweater with a Cowichan feel to it. Sturdy and functional clothes are exactly what she needed in these giant and deep woods, numerous burbling streams lined in blackberry bushes, and oyster strewn rocky beaches.So Enola is a 18″ Wild Ginger Doll waldorf style doll, with a lightly sculpted face, cotton interlock body, wool stuffing, and all natural materials. I kept her facial features simple to encourage your imagination, for you to nurture your creativity to give her personality and expression. Her hair was something new to me, it is all natural mohair yarn. The fibres in the yarn are long and soft and have a lot of body, and love to be braided and styled. However the fibres do like to drop and she leaves little hairs on ALL her clothes. For this reason I recommend her to an adult collector: her hair is very durable and play worthy, but I think with too much play the little hairs all over the place might drive a little friend crazy. She goes to her home wearing 2 new outfits, made of all natural materials of the highest quality, with care and attention given to every detail. Each outfit has 4 pieces to it, including shoes. Please see photos for details. If you would like to make Enola a home, and allow her to bring a taste of the wild Pacific coastal air to you, please visit my Big Cartel shop. Thanks for viewing!

More Capes and Bonnets

I felt like sharing a little preview of some of the capes and bonnets I will be releasing to my shop in several weeks. These are all made with wool, and either lined with cotton or linen. They fit 16-20″ waldorf dolls. I will also be releasing these as a sewing pattern for all you crafty kind, so you make them for your own dolls at home. Enjoy!


I am excited to announce an Easter SALE starting this Monday, March 13-17! 30% off all bunny eared pocket buds, pocket kids, sprouts, or pocket bud carrots, as well as all beds (large and small), backpack/papooses, and dresses! This sale is HUGE, so please visit my Etsy shop and make some little people extremely happy this Easter with a new friend, or accessories for their dolls! (sale does not apply to large dolls or NON-bunny eared buds or kids please).

So to get you in the Easter spirit I am showing you a beautiful wool and Nani Iro gauze lined cape, with cashmere ears that I designed. This cape will be available in a few weeks in my shop, and also a first ever SEWING PATTERN for you to make your very own animal eared capes at home! I am very happy to offer these capes as a pattern, and anticipate a plethora of wonderful items to be made by you in the future.

Thanks for viewing and have a wonderful weekend!


I wanted to give you a quick peek at Enola… Her name means ‘solitary’, and she is inspired by the Cowichan Valley in which I live, as you will soon see when she is completed. She is waiting patiently for her clothing to be finished, but my sewing machine broke and I am in the process of finding a new one to replace it, so all my sewing projects have been put on hold.

Skye and Meme

Introducing Skye, my little brown haired, blue eyed, pink wearing little bear fiend. skye-1 skye-3 skye-6 skye-8Skye is sporting a woollen cape, lined in striped cotton, and rabbit fur ears that are the softest to touch.

skye-9 skye-11 skye-13 Why bear ears you ask? Because Skye has an adorable little buddy she calls Meme, that she likes to coordinate her clothing with, and tote around wherever she goes. This little button jointed bear simply loves it. Despite her serious demeanour she has a very big heart. skye-16 skye-17 skye-18 skye-19 skye-21 skye-23 skye-25 skye-26 skye-27 Skye is a waldorf style doll, over 18″ in length, with handspun wool hair in dark brown, with hints of black, navy and even orange mingled in. As such she is of course made from high quality doll knit, stuffed with wool, her head and faced formed in the meticulous waldorf tradition, and her hair is attached via a crochet cap. Her hair loves to be played with and braided, I even toyed with the idea of pigtails, but for the photos Skye pretended she didn’t like them…

We discussed what colour she would like for her clothes, and after several suggestions I agreed with the instagram feedback and thought navy or royal blue would be a simply marvellous combination with her hair. However Skye simply had NOTHING to do with blue! She instead on soft pinks and apricots. I had no idea one little wool gal could be so closed eared and stubborn! But there it is. Naked or pink dress. Period.

SO I pulled out all the matching pinks and apricots that I had, and we agreed they looked quite nice with charcoal grey. And so I made her a pink linen dress, quite long, with ruffled sleeves and three glass buttons on the back. Her pinafore is made from cotton gauze, which crosses over in the back and closes with another glass button. Skye’s hair is so thick, it is a bit of a struggle pulling her arms and head through the pinafore arms, but I made the straps long enough that it can be done, once you learn the trick. Her pantaloons are also linen, a pale lavender to match the pinafore. Her cape is a pattern I designed, like my other clothes, made from new soft wool, lined in striped cotton, with rabbit fur ears and a ribbon closure. Last but not least is her woollen boots, crocheted with a tongue like real boots, which lace up with a black ribbon.skye-29 skye-30 skye-32 skye-33 skye-34 skye-36 skye-37 skye-38Now Meme on the other hand, being a toy for a doll (imagine that!), is made from linen, stuffed with wool of course, since I prefer natural earth friendly fibres, with embroidery floss “claws” (quite gentle though I must say) and face, and a crochet belly made from merino. Her arms and legs are attached with small wooden buttons. She doesn’t like to sit on her own, she very much prefers to be nestled in Skye’s obliging arms. Her cape is made from the same gauze as Skye’s, as you can tell from the photos.skye-39 skye-42 skye-43 skye-45 If Skye and Meme captured your fancy and you would like to make them a home, please visit my Etsy shop to see how the adoption process works. I guarantee you will have many hours with this precocious pair. They are quite set in their ways but with some honey and a awhile lot of patience I am sure you could persuade them to try on a new outfit now and then. They might even learn to like the change!skye-46 skye-47 skyeclothes-1Thanks for joining me here, I hope to see you again soon, this time with a raven haired beauty!